Syndax is committed to a future in which people with cancer live longer and better than ever before through the development of innovative new drugs for cancer patients.

Clinical Trials

Adequately designed and well-conducted clinical trials are essential in bringing new therapies to patients. The most efficient and ethical manner for a patient to access a medicine prior to it being approved by regulatory authorities is to enroll in a clinical trial. Patients who choose to participate in clinical trials play a critical role in developing new medicines. Clinical trials incorporate regular safety monitoring, and create a venue for investigator training on the potential risks of the investigational therapy. Clinical trials also have the ability to establish clinical benefit for the investigational therapy, and thus transform an investigational therapy into an approved drug capable of offering benefit to a wider population. For more information about the ongoing clinical trials visit our clinical trials page or


Compassionate Use

Syndax recognizes that enrollment in a clinical trial is not always possible for patients facing serious or life-threatening conditions such as cancer, and patients may therefore seek access to investigational medicines outside of a clinical trial. We are committed to helping patients who have not had success with existing, available therapies and may benefit from our investigational therapies currently in development. The Syndax Policy for Access to Investigational Agents can be found on our Compassionate Use page.